'Our Father' becomes 'Our Bro' 

CHOO CHOO is a pop-up agency specialised in youth communication. To launch the agency, we want to show the importance of customized communication towards young people.

Youth language is constantly changing, creating a language barrier between boomers and Gen Z. As a result, t
he 'Our Father' prayer has become somewhat " faded " for youngsters. Often the words are said monotonously and routinely, without really paying attention to their meaning.

Creative idea
We gave a new interpretation to a centuries-old text that every generation knows: the 'Our Father' prayer. Priest Bart Paepen was with us. Together, we brought 'Our Bro' to the high mass in the Antwerp Cathedral. Our message echoed through the church walls and beyond: who believes in the youth, speaks their language.

Spoiler alert: this went viral, like crazy viral. We made it to all the national newspapers and radio stations, were the second most liked post on the number one Belgian news brand on Instagram, trending on Twitter and praised in the podcast of Belgium's best comedian Alex Agnew. 'Our Bro' was even picked up in the Netherlands by NOS. 

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