24H pitch JongeHonden x Bol.com


Conquer the minds and hearts of students to get them attached to Bol.com. 

Being poor, loneliness, wrong study choices, dirty rooms, rats, flat bicycle tyres, identity crises, etc. Students in the Netherlands have countless problems.

Creative idea
Bol.com is no messiah. Rather the funny uncle at a family party. That's why Bol.com won't solve all their problems, but helps to relativise them. We distribute tear-off posters, each exposing a problem faced by students. The tear-off strips show a solution in a playful way. 
In OOH, we show a real solution, Bol.com style. We won't make poor students rich. We give them a solution to make cheap food. As an activation, the Bol.com foodtruck tours colleges and universities. Tear-off strips get you a free tosti. 

To reacht students' physical world, the campaign is 100% offline. We distribute the posters in places such as student cafés, urinals, bicycle racks and campuses.


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